We are providing PACE project managment services and PACE financing brokerage. 

PACE is a new form of financing created to capitalize energy expenses in a Public Private Partnership. The public, by allowing use of a special assessment, technically invests 100% of the money as if a sidewalk or sewer were being installed. The property owner agrees to re-pay the public via the assessment. A private lender provides the actual capital. The private lender contracts with the municipality to be repaid from the special assessment collected. By financing energy efficiency this way, businesses are rewarded, not punished, for using energy resources efficiently. By design, a business can save more on energy and water than they pay for the assessment hence improving business profitability. Since the special assessments can be as long as 30 years and can pass through to tenants, as are most utilities, and since they survive transfers, sales and foreclosures, and since they take market risk for energy efficient improvements out of the equation, PACE is the ideal solution, and the only workable solution, to today’s market demand: Customers want Green at NO Cost. However, PACE is a bit better you “Get Paid to go Green” For example, even a rooftop solar investment on a warehouse space in Loudoun County can provide a net positive cumulative cash flow. LED lighting, geothermal HVAC, energy control systems, and insulation, provide better returns, but you get the idea.

With only an operations increase for a PACE Assessment and an operations decrease for the energy use generated or not spent, PACE financing provides an infinite return to the property owner, remember, it’s not the owner’s capital. PACE is truly a transformational approach to modernizing business infrastructure and it is no wonder Scientific American called PACE ONE OF THE TOP 20 WORLD CHANGING IDEAS! Imagine energy efficiency and solar with no loan on the books and no business capital used…just increased profitability!

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